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Tips & Tricks: Cleaning Kitchen Draws, Cupboards and Pantry’s
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Tips Tricks Cleaning Kitchen Draws Cupboards And Pantrys

Tips & Tricks: Cleaning Kitchen Draws, Cupboards and Pantry’s

We know that cleaning your Cupboards and Kitchen draws can be time-consuming. Crumbs, small particles, and dust collect in the hard to reach corners and can be hard to get to. Luckily we have a solution that makes it easy. We find the quickest way of cleaning your Cupboards, Cutlery draws and Pantry is to use your vacuum cleaner. It’s fast and quick

The key is to invest in a separate Vacuum Dusting Tool. This neat little add-on will sweep through your kitchen cupboards at lightning speed getting to absolutely everything.

Remember use the Vacuum Dusting Tool only in you kitchen area. There is no substitute for hygiene.
You can buy this tool for $15.00 at your local cleaning supplier.


  • Take out your cutlery utensils etc. Attach your Vacuum Dusting Tool and vacuum! Once done wipe out with clean damp cloth and dry, put all your Cutlery’s Utensils back in to your draws.
  • Follow the same procure for your Panty and cupboards.


  • Please follow this procedure in stages otherwise, it can be messy trying to re-arrange your Cutlery’s Utensil Tupperware’s so forth.

We hope you have enjoyed our tips for how to clean Cleaning Kitchen Draws! You can find out more about our House Cleaning in Albert Park and other Bayside suburbs.

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