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How to clean stainless steel balustrades
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How To Clean Stainless Steel Balustrades

How to clean stainless steel balustrades

Your stainless steel wooden balustrades can often be an icon of your home. Whether they line your balcony or draw your eye up the staircase they’re always a beautiful feature when maintained.

Unfortunately balustrades are often the first to be forgotten when cleaning even by professional cleaning companies.

A shock I know, but it’s true. Many believe all they need is a quick once over with a cloth, and yes this may work for a while but in order for your house to have that sparkling look a little extra work is needed.

What do you need?

Hand Dust Mop

The first thing we recommend you getting is a hand dust mop from your local cleaning supplier. It’s fantastic every household should have one!  This handy cleaning accessory is great for getting to those hard to reach places and perfect for balustrades and skirting boards. The hand dust mop is highly resilient and durable and once you finished with it you can wash it in the washing machine and drip dry for next time.


The Process

Generally balustrades are a fairly low maintenance item. They don’t need constant attention but a good once over every couple of weeks will keep them sparkling clean.

With your hand dust mop lightly go over the balustrades paying close attention to the corners which will typically pick up a lot of dust and grime.

If you’re looking to Finish it off with a beautiful shine slightly dampen your hand dust mop and wipe clean. 

Any Questions?

We hope our guide will help you with your chores around the house!

We understand that you won’t always have the time to get to every detail in your home, so sometimes you need a dedicated professional who is focused on the details.

If you live near Melbourne’s Bayside and don’t have the time clean yourself, we’re always available to help!

Feel free to call us on 1300 941 498 for more information on our services.

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