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How to clean Grout around your Bathrooms and Kitchen area
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How To Clean Grout Around Your Bathrooms And Kitchen Area

How to clean Grout around your Bathrooms and Kitchen area

If your grout looks tired and dull in your Bathroom and Kitchen you can make it look fresh by following these simple steps.

If you read our other blogs we recommend you use Clean Juice but there is also grout cleaners designed to do the job. Please read the manufactures instructions and guidelines before you do anything.


  • First wipe the tiles with damp cloth
  • Pre-spray Clean Juice and wait for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Use a grout brush or dental brush to scrub the grout lines
  • Use scourer sponge to clean larger surfaces and accessories such as: around the soap holder, taps and tiles
  • Scrub the sections again with grout brush if needed
  • Rinse with water then dry and polish with microfiber cloths
  • Clean grout always looks nice and it extends the life of your tiles!
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Please Note:

  • DO NOT use any chemical products when cleaning on or around porous stone material. This includes marble and granite!
  • DO NOT use bleach or bleach based chemicals too frequently. The chemical will eat away at your grout and seals, causing holes in grout, discoloration to taps and accessories, and can cause the glue holding your taps and accessories together to dissolve


  • Don’t try to do it all at once as it can be messy and tiring
  • Do It section by section its more affective

I hope this information will help you with your next clean!

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