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How to clean your walls: The Magic Sponge
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How To Clean Your Walls The Magic Sponge

How to clean your walls: The Magic Sponge

Have you been looking for a chemical-free way to clean your walls?

Magic Sponges are brilliant for cleaning the walls in your house. The Magic Sponge is versatile, safe and best of all it does not require any chemicals to clean! It is made from fine fibers that create a micro-surface. This means it can adequately lift and remove dirt, grime, scuff and stains more effectively than regular sponges. As a house cleaning company, we use these every day and swear by them!

To use your Magic Sponge simply:

  1. Submerge your Magic Sponge in warm or cold water and gently squeeze out any excess water.
  2. Rub the Magic sponge over the area in a circular motion until you can see that the surface is clean (don’t over rub the same area too much as it might take the paint off)
  3. Using a clean, dry and absorbent cloth (microfibre is ideal) wipe away any excess water from the area.
  4. Once cleaning is complete, rinse your Magic sponge and leave to dry before storing the item.

Please ensure you read the instructions before using this at home. Happy Cleaning!

You can buy the Magic Sponge from most cleaning suppliers. They also sell it on their website.

At Elm Cleaning we use this product regularly and it helps us deliver amazing results. If you need a home cleaning company in Melbourne’s Bayside area, contact us!

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