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How to Clean the Inside of a Fridge
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How To Clean The Inside Of A Fridge

How to Clean the Inside of a Fridge

Today we will explain how to clean the inside of your fridge. As we are only cleaning the inside, we suggest you leave the power ON for this process.

It is important to leave the power on to help keep the fridge as cold as possible during the cleaning process, this will help avoid creating too much condensation and causing puddles of water to appear in the fridge at a later point.

If you were to clean the back of your fridge, you would need to turn the power off however (call your service agent for professional advice before cleaning the back of the fridge)

What you will need:

  • A few microfibre cloths
  • Warm water
  • Laundry trough (recommended)


  • Remove contents of fridge, this includes all food and containers. Put them somewhere out of the way so they do not get in your way or get too warm.
  • Pull out Glass or plastic shelves, door shelves, crispers including your accessories.
  • We recommend you use microfibre cloths as they are very good for fridge lining and it doesn’t leave any streak marks.
  • Clean inside your fridge with warm water and remove debris.
  • Clean inside of your fridge door and seals.
  • Wipe dry with microfibre cloth.
  • Dry shelves and accessories and replace it back in to fridge.
  • Put all your contents back in to fridge.
  • Last of all clean exterior of your fridge and dry with microfibre cloth.
  • Wipe stainless steel panels with damp microfibre cloth and dry with another microfibre cloth.


  • We recommend you use your laundry trough for washing your shelves and accessories as it’s much bigger than your average kitchen sink and less messy.
  • Do not use any scourers on your fridge door as it will scratch the surface.
  • Don’t use any harsh chemical inside your fridge as it might damage the lining and causing food contamination.
  • Keep the fridge door shut when you’re not actively cleaning it to help it stay cool.

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