If you are a resident of McKinnon or a nearby suburb, you have probably seen our house cleaning vans in parked in the streets as we clean the houses in your neighbourhood. Perhaps that is how you found out about our service!

There is nothing better than a nice clean home. We understand that it can difficult to balance a family, career and home maintenance all at once, this is where Elm Residential Cleaning comes in.

How do we operate?

Allow our teams of cleaning professionals come to your McKinnon home whilst you’re out working to get it looking fresh and clean by the time you get home.

The majority of our clientele will entrust our ladies to come by every few weeks on a recurring basis to do your housework without disturbing you. If you prefer, we can also come whilst you’re at home, you do not have to leave your keys with us, we are flexible and will be able to come to an arrangement that works for you.

You will love our regular house cleaning service, we will keep all surfaces including tiles, vinyl and carpets looking their best all year long and you won’t have to worry about a thing. Our McKinnon house cleaning service includes much more than floor cleaning.

What does our regular house cleaning include?

As mentioned, we clean all your floors but that is not all, you get the full treatment with mirrors cleaned, dusting all surfaces, kitchen cleaning, bins emptied, bath and shower cleaning. See the complete list of what is included here.

mckinnon house cleaning map

McKinnon Home Cleaning service area

Elm Cleaning also offers the following one-off services:

End of Lease Cleaning in McKinnon.

Spring Cleaning in McKinnon.

After Party Cleaning in McKinnon.

If you live in McKinnon or a nearby suburb such as Brighton or Bentleigh and would like to book any of our cleaning services please call 1300 941 498 for an obligation free quote.

As an added extra we can also Steam Clean your carpet!


McKinnon House Cleaning