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Welcome to Elm Residential Cleaning Services Balwyn.

The leafy streets of Balwyn are full of family homes of busy families who do often cannot find the time to clean their own houses. It’s difficult to juggle your job, life and keep a clean house. That is, unless you happen to be one of the staff members at Elm Cleaning where cleaning house are our job and our life.

Keeping your house clean is important. For most families, the house is one of their biggest investments, and you want to take care of your investments. The floors and other surfaces take a lot of wear and tear and carpets and tiles can get absolutely filthy. It is much more pleasant to get these cleaned regularly by professional house cleaners rather than letting them get to such a state that they must be replaced.

We clean houses in Balwyn and Melbourne’s other Bayside Suburbs. If you live in Balwyn or nearby, please consider our house cleaning services!

What does our regular house cleaning include?

Our regular house cleaning services include much more than simply mopping and vacuuming your floors. We empty bins, clean your sinks, kitchen, bathrooms, change your sheets, remove hair from plugs, dry dust electric appliances, clean your toilets, the list goes on! See the complete list our regular house cleaning services here.

Elm Cleaning also offers the following one-off services in Balwyn:

End of Lease Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

After Party Cleaning

If you live in Balwyn or nearby and would like to book our cleaning services please call 1300 941 498 for an obligation free quote.

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