Looking after the health and wellbeing of your family is of the upmost importance to our team. We only use eco-friendly and biodegradable products, ensuring no harm comes to your household or the environment.

These exclusive products have been trialed and tested to ensure there are no stains or damages caused to your home. The results offer a higher quality, protection against germs and bacteria, a non-toxic and safe environment, and improved air quality.

In order to define our brand we use only top-of-the-line equipment, sourced and provided by industry leading suppliers. We spare no expense when it comes to providing our clients with the best of the best! Giving you the resources you need for a cleaner, healthier home.


Elm Cleaning have made some of our selected products available for purchase! Now it is even easier than ever to keep your home sparkling and fresh between visits. It is time to give your home the all over protection against dirt, germs, and grime. We just know you are going to love your new products.

They can be used as a multipurpose cleaner on just about any surface, although you may want to avoid direct contact with marble and porous stone surfaces. Here is a short description of your product and its uses:



CleanJuice CITRUS CLEANER is an alternative to traditional harsh solvents. CleanJuice is Australian-made and AQIS Approved.

Today the Citrus cleaner has been embraced by every conceivable Industry as an effective, dilutable and safe cleaning solution.

CleanJuice Citrus Cleaner is strong enough for cleaning commercial kitchens, hotels and restaurants, removing baked on food from BBQ’s, stoves and ovens, removing fatty deposits from tiles, floors and shower recesses and it will even degrease diesel engines, but it’s gentle enough with Dilution, for jewellery.

There are over 1 million uses for CleanJuice Citrus Cleaner and because it has no harsh chemicals or no harsh solvents it is therefore suitable for use in food environments.

Avoid direct contact with marble and other porous surfaces which can cause staining.


All Clean Disinfectant

All Clean Disinfectant is one of the highest-grade sanitation products you can use that is home friendly, protecting you and your family from a buildup of harmful germs and bacteria.

All Clean Disinfectant can be applied directly to the surface or you can apply to a clean dry cloth to be used with your regular dusting. For the best results we recommend applying directly to high traffic areas such as door handles, light switches, chairs, and benches, allow All Clean Disinfectant to stand for 1 minute, then wipe clean.

$13.20 each or get 2 for $20

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