The Cobwebber Cobweb Broom

As a cleaning company, we use our cobwebbers every day. They’re one of the most important tools we have for making homes spotless. Because of its dome shape and telescopic handle, it’s perfect for getting to awkward places.           Benefits of the Cobwebber Removes cobwebs and dust from cornices and vents,…

wall oven cleaning

How to Clean a Wall Oven

Your oven is one of the most important appliances in your kitchen so it is really important to keep your oven clean at all times. Nobody likes a dirty oven so we recommend you clean it regularly. A clean oven will make your cooking more enjoyable. What you will need: Gloves Warm water Laundry powder…

Microwave (BEFORE and AFTER)

How to clean your microwave

At Elm Cleaning we use a fantastic home cleaning product called Clean Juice. We use it on everything from microwave ovens, to stainless steel cook tops and bathrooms. Clean Juice is environmentally friendly, organic and tough on stubborn food and grime. It’s a great alternative opposed to other harsh chemicals. Please read the instructions before you…